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Beautiful handmade accessories from leftover curtain fabric


Quite often because of the way fabric is sold there is some leftover. Many of my customers ask for my advice about what this can be used for. It is amazing the different types of accessories that can be made with small amounts of leftover curtain fabric. Cushion covers using leftover fabric from curtains or blinds help to create a coordinated look. If customers have had dining room curtains or blinds made I have often made matching napkins and table runners. While with leftover bedroom curtain fabric I have made matching cushions and bed runners. For nurseries I have made laundry bags and basket liners to complement the look while using up fabric. All of these additions really add to the decor of the rooms and complement the new curtains and blinds beautifully.



Posted in Product News on the 31st March 2014 at 2:13pm. (0 comments)

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