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  • Curtain Alterations By Highly Experienced Uk Curtain Maker

Getting curtains altered

Really cost-effective alternative to new curtains

  • adjust curtains for size
  • add a curtain lining
  • join curtains together
  • changing a curtain heading
  • curtain repairs
  • convert curtains into Roman blinds
  • a quick makeover for tired curtains

If your curtain fabric is in good condition then why not re-use it – especially if you are moving house, or giving a particular room a make-over.

With our help, your old curtains can be made to look as good as new!  We provide this service anywhere in the UK and, even allowing for courier costs (which we are happy to advise on), you are likely to find that getting curtains altered represents a really cost-effective option. Call or email us for expert advice

Adjusting curtains for size

Existing curtains can be shortened or lengthened, made wider or narrower. For curtain alterations of this nature, measure the window space as you would for new curtains. You may find our measuring page helpful.

Adding a curtain lining

Curtain alterations involving the addition of a blackout or thermal lining to existing curtains can change their purpose, be a real energy saver and lengthen the life of existing curtains. I can supply a range of good quality lining fabric at a competitive price. Check our lining fabric options.

Joining curtains

Sometimes wide windows may require two sets of curtains. If you have bought ready-made curtains, having them professionally sewn together will provide a really good finish.

Changing a curtain heading

Curtains can be "freshened up" simply by changing the curtain headings, particularly as trends change. For example, altering traditional curtains to eyelet curtains is currently a popular request. It is often possible to replace or add new tape or tabs to existing curtains or even change from pencil pleat to pinch pleat, providing there is sufficient fabric.

Curtain repairs

Direct sunlight, dust and simple ageing weakens curtain fabric. The leading edges of curtains are generally where wear shows up first, but if the curtain fabric still looks good, there may well be ways of repairing rather than replacing your curtains.

Convert Curtains to Roman Blinds 

Convert to Roman blinds - More than just curtain alterations, good quality curtain fabric can easily be converted from curtains to Roman blinds.

A quick makeover for tired curtains

Something as simple as a new trim or custom-made tie-backs can revitalise tired curtains.