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  • Accessories To Match Made To Measure Curtains And Roman Blinds.

Here's the opportunity to be your own interior designer and look for opportunities to enhance interior decor with accessories which match curtains and blinds, using the same, matching or contrasting fabrics.

Table Linen

A table runner or table cloth (round, square or rectangular) can brighten up any table, and can be made to match napkins to give a coordinated look. For a short cloth, sit in a chair and measure from the edge of the table to your lap, and for a long cloth measure from the table to the floor.


Have you ever brought back a piece of fabric from your holiday that you would like to display in your home? Let us see if we can make it into a wall-hanging for you. 

Draft excluder

Forget the old image of a sausage dog in front of doors and patio windows. Draft or draught excluders can be made to match the decor of a rooms curtains and cushions and play a significant role in energy conservation through eliminating drafts. Eliminating draughts really does save on those heating bills.

Door Stop

Another excellent use of a piece of spare curtain fabric. Made up in the shape of a cube the doorstop is then filled with a weighty substance such as builders sand, rice or beans.

Bed Throw

Also known as bed runners, bed throws provide both a decorative and cosy addition to a bed and when matching curtains and other accessories create a lovely addition to the decor of a bedroom.