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Different curtain headings create different styles

While the fabric you choose for your curtains will hugely effect the look of your curtains and the finished style, the type of heading you opt for can also change the overall finish. If you have a modern style of décor and want curtains to fit with this then a standard pencil pleat heading which gives a nice gathered effect could be a good option. Eyelet curtains also give a great modern look with neatly defined folds giving a sleek and streamlined finish. If you are wanting a more traditional window dressing then a double or triple pinch pleat heading could work well, particularly if you have large windows. Goblet heading, which takes its name from the pleat which is shaped like a wine goblet, also looks stunning in larger more traditional rooms. For more information and photos of these and more heading types please visit or give me a call.


Posted on the 20th October 2014 at 4:05pm. (0 comments)

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