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Curtains – a variety of styles

Curtains create a real focal point when you enter a room. As well as the
fabric selected helping to create a unique look for your room, the style you
choose can also dramatically affect the look of the curtains. There are now so many options for styles of curtains.

The standard pencil pleat curtains give a nice gathered effect while double or triple pinch pleat curtains hang in columns and will emphasise the height of your room. Eyelet curtains are becoming increasingly popular and allow the curtains to hang in neatly defined folds, creating a sleek and streamlined look. Tab top curtains create a simple yet stylish look as do goblet curtains which get their name from the pleat which is made like a wine goblet.

I can create curtains in all these styles and would be happy to discuss these with you, as they do require varying amounts of fabric. I can also alter the style of existing curtains to create different headings, for example adding in eyelets or tab tops to existing pencil pleat curtains.

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