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Curtains Made for You making a difference in Zimbabwe

Thanks to your custom, through the charity HopeHIV, we have been able to support a Skills training project in Zimbabwe which provides mentoring sessions for vulnerable young adults to support them in launching their own businesses and applying for jobs. The scheme helps young people like Bella (name changed to protect dentity) who is 17 and was forced to leave her home when the Zimbabwe Government bulldozed the slum she lived in. With no education or job prospects her options were very limited. It was at this point that she was referred to the Oasis Skills Training programme where she attended tailoring training as well as life skills sessions to develop her confidence and self-esteem. Bella was delighted when half way through the year she received a sewing machine. With her new found skills Bella recently made her Aunt a curtain. Her Aunt took it to church to show it off and Bella immediately received an order for six more. Through using Curtains Made for You to create your curtains or roman blinds you are helping many more young people like Bella create the opportunity for a brighter future.

Posted in Charity News on the 15th October 2013 at 5:37pm. (0 comments)

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