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Different Curtain Headings require Different Fabric Quantities

As part of my curtain making service, I advise customers on how much curtain material to buy. As well as the dimensions of the windows to be covered, the type of curtain heading also determines the amount of fabric required.

As a rule of thumb, pinch pleat headed curtains require the most fabric, typically 2.5 times fullness. Pencil pleat headings typically need 2 times fullness and the most efficient, in terms of material required, are eyelet and tab top headed curtains where typically only 1.5 times fullness may be needed. If buying expensive curtain fabrics, the choice of heading really  makes quite a difference to the final price. Check out my curtain headings page for more information.

Posted in Product News on the 16th August 2013 at 2:04pm. (0 comments)

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